I have just created a WEBDAV share for general file exchange.
On a mac just open Finder and go to the menu Go > Connect to Server... and enter the following URL https://storage.homemadecode.de/downloads/
in the box as shown in the picture below:


After hitting the connect button accept the warning and enter your username and password. Now you're ready to use the share in the same way as a local hard disk (just a tad slower ;))

To access this share on a windows computer, follow this short guide to setup the network drive:

Open the Windows File Explorer and click on Tools/Map Network Drive

Windows XP Professional.jpg

In the following dialog box click on "connect to a network server"

Windows XP Professional-1.jpg

Then select choose another network location:

Windows XP Professional-2.jpg

and enter the following URL into the location bar:


Windows XP Professional-3.jpg

You will receive the following security alert, but this is not a problem, just click yes.

Windows XP Professional-4.jpg

Then click on next and assign a name for the new share.
You will have to authenticate with your user name and password before you can use the drive. This information is contained in the email you received.
From here you can now access the shared folder as if it was a local harddrive. You can copy files to and from the location.

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There seems to be a problem with Windows Vista clients. Should you have vista on your computer, look into update WebDAV in Vista


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