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The power of creative commons

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Funny story: Years ago, in 2006 I took a picture of Munich's famous Frauenkirche which you can see below.

Frauenkirche, Munich

The image is posted on flickr using the most liberal Creative Commons license CC BY. This means anyone can use the image for any purposes as long as they publicly state that the image was taken by me. I do this for most of my pictures that don't show people on them, because I believe in this licensing model.

Last week I received an email from a russian company that produces merchandise from all over the world. Apparently they have used the image to sell fridge magnets depicting my image!

This feels like the Homer Simpson moment where he finds out that his picture is used in a Korean dish washing commercial :)

I'll ask them if they will send me one...

Pictures from Tehrān

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As already mentioned here I went on a trip to Tehrān (تهران) for Weindy & Asefe's wedding ceremony in December. I enjoyed the great hospitality of Asefe's family and got a glimpse into a very different culture.

Below you can find a selection of my favorite pictures from being in Tehrān. The full set is also available in my flickr as a large slide show.

As I'm currently getting ready to leave on another trip, I have to keep this post shorter than I intended it to be, but I will do a longer entry with some of my thoughts on this trip soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures without further commentary.

on a sidenote: The flickr set and a full set of images in a zip file is now available for download to everyone on the mailinglist. Should you not have a password yet, please let me know and I will get you an account on my server ASAP

locate the mistake

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P1 Mitchell

Found photoshopdisasters this morning and been ROTFL ;)

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when geeks go to a war protest

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LOL ;)

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Wedding Pictures


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On Feb 9 Leo & Richy got married in Freising. I was asked to be the official photographer for the wedding. It was a fun wedding and a great experience being in charge of the pictures for such an important event.
I just uploaded a subset of the 900 or so images I took, so go check out the gallery of my favorite shots.

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