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Happy new year to everyone

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2011 was a big year, thanks for all of you coming along! Have a happy new year and enjoy the celebrations tonight!

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comment spamming

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In the past month comment spamming on my blogs has increased so much, that I've decided to turn off anonymous comments all together. If you still want to comment you can use any of these mechanisms show in the picture below.

FacebookConnect should be the easiest choice for most of you, which uses your facebook account to authenticate you to my website. After you've done this, you can comment and all comments will be published automatically.

comment_auth.jpg relaunch

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Since the update frequency of my personal blog has suffered a bit lately from the enormous stress level this year, and a lot of things on my website have been getting old, including the design, I decided to relaunch this site, with a fresh design and a new platform basis, movable type 4.

This blog will continue to cover all things personal regarding my life around the web. For anything related to my career and topics directly related to IT and software development, please refer to my professional blog on

This blog will be kept mostly in English except for some rare occasions where it doen't make sense to post in English.


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Just came across a really scary story on schneier's blog: Apparently the FBI is planting fake links in online message boards claiming to lead to child porn. Once you click on them, your IP address is recorded and your house might be searched and you might be arrested. Here are more details on one case on ars technica.

So watch out next time someone is sending you a funny link on IM or in emails. It's hard to imagine how anyone with a half way decent knowledge of internet technology and IT security can come up with such an idea? There are so many ways of how you could end up on the list without ever doing anything related to visiting such a message board, and using this as the only basis of a federal investigation is just unbelievable.

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Microsoft-Yahoo proposal

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I guess by now everyone has heard about fridays offer from Microsoft to buy Yahoo for $45 billion. Up to now, all I read online were the mere announcements of the proposal, this article by the and this one in wired provide more detailed analyses of possible consequences.
Personally I'm not sure if this deal, if it goes through as planned, is going to push microsoft into a better position on its online activities competing against google. In terms of market share (in areas where google is actually making money), yahoo is nowhere near its competitor and microsoft doesn't really have anything successful to add to that.

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