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Setup Auto top-up on Oyster cards without a UK address

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LondonAs a semi-frequent visitor to London I have had an Oyster card for quite a while. To get around the hassle of waiting in line at Heathrow behind tons of confused tourists trying to figure out how to use the machines to buy tickets, I figured I could top-up my card online from home.

This isn't awfully difficult, all you need to do is register your card online. The problem is, the form officially only allows you to enter UK addresses. The big issue comes up, if your try to pay via credit card and the billing address of your credit card does not match your Oyster card address.

A trick that seems to work is to provide your real address in your home country but enter a valid UK postal code. At least in my case the payment went trough after changing this.

country hopping

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Once again I'm off on a journey to a good friends wedding ceremony. This time I'm traveling to Bogotá, Colombia to attend Isabella & Juan Diego's wedding.

Right now I'm in Toronto about to head out to the airport again for my flight to Bogota. Toronto feels really similar to New York City, same language, same road signs, just a little smaller. Last night, over dinner and some beer, I caught up with Jakob, a former colleague from OPTIMAbit who lives over here now. Great seeing him again. The Weißwurst that I had packed for him as a gift from home didn't make it through customs, though, but at least he got a glass of Hendlmeier Senf ;)

Depending on how much time I have and on the availability of internet connections I will post again from Colombia as well, so stay put for more.

Größere Kartenansicht

Off to Tehrān

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Tonight I will embark on a journey to Tehrān, Iran to join the wedding ceremony of Weindy and Asefe the following night.

I'm really excited not only to see a new country but also for having the opportunity of getting immersed in a whole different culture.

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The flight schedule is a bit of drag, leaving Munich in the evening and arriving in Iran at 04:30 am local time but going through Istanbul was the best travel option available for those dates. Munich is currently covered in a thick blanket of fog, so we'll see how the flight schedule works out tonight. I am following the principle of traveling light, going with only one piece of carry on luggage, to avoid any hassles about lost luggage, even though it was quite a challenge to cram my camera gear plus clothes in such little room.

I will try and post an update or two on this blog while in Iran, and also upload some snapshots to my flickr depending on the quality of the internet connection in the hotel room.


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Badge I just started experimenting with dopplr after receiving an invite today! It is a web 2.0 application that lets you post details about your future travel plans and is mostly targeted at frequent travelers who want to synchronize their schedules with friends.
I think it can be a really useful app, even though it only gets interesting if enough of your friends (a) travel a lot and (b) join the community. So, anyone who likes an invite please let me know, (the service is invitation only for now).

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Looking for geotracking software I found this pretty cool app based on google maps called plazes. On the left side you can see a little map now displaying where I currently am or if I'm offline, the last location I've been to.
This works by using a little application on your computer which tries to identify your current location by IP geotracking and some unique info about the network you currently are connected to. Try it out...